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Service Checks Include:

  • Check Condenser Coil

  • Check Evaporator Coil

  • Check Operating Pressures

  • Check Starting Capabilities

  • Check Safety Controls

  • Check Filters

  • Check Blower Assembly when necessary

  • Check for Proper Temperature Difference

  • Check all Electrical Connections

  • Check Voltage & Amperage on Motors

  • Lubricate all Moving Parts when Necessary

  • Clean Heat Exchanger (Furnace only) 

  • Check Burner Operation (Furnace only) 

  • Monitor Limit Controls

  • Clean Drain Line

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AirForce Maintenance Plans

Routine maintenance should be completed each year for a variety of reasons. Manufacturers require regular maintenance to keep their warranties valid and in good standing. As well as ensuring proper operation within the manufacturer's specifications, it also ensures that a part won't fail due to negligence. With semi-annual tune ups every year, you protect your home and detect potential problems sooner.


  • Cleaning & Tune-up for your furnace, heat pump and air conditioner

  • $20 Off service calls

  • 10% Off repairs, duct cleaning

  • 15% Off indoor quality products

  • Discounted Rates for service outside of regular hours

  • AirForce Loyalty Program $50 credit for each year of having the Silver Service Plan towards a system replacement (up to $400).

The Silver Club Plan Includes the following benefits


  • One Year Supply of Filters (1 supplied per season)

  • No Service Call Fee with paid repair

  • 5% Off new equipment

  • 15% Off repairs

  • AirForce Loyalty Program $100 credit for each year of having the Gold Service Plan towards a system replacement (up to $700).

The Gold Plan Includes all benefits of Silver-PLUS+ the following

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